Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hot Legal Issues

Within the multi-layered cyclicality of the global economy and resulting changes in industries and business, legal problems evolve and surface in waves. Recently, some hot areas I am observing include:

1) Subprime and prime lending institutions, loan portfolios and borrowers – These matters have a downstream effect on legal services, offering opportunities for transactional lawyers, real estate lawyers and sometimes resulting in complex commercial and financial related litigation.
2) Privacy and security in Internet technology and communications – These types of cases are increasing at both state and Federal levels, are affecting businesses and consumers and often require new or updated policies and/or procedures.
3) Insurance coverage – Certain states have seen a dramatic rise in such claims due to particular natural disasters. However, as a generality insurance coverage claims are on the rise due to increases in denials and rescissions across-the-broad.
4) Diverse lawyers – Particularly, qualified lawyers of color or varied ethnic origin have unprecedented opportunities to obtain outside counsel work from Fortune 500 companies with strong diversity hiring policies.
5) International ADR – Global business is generating not only opportunity of global proportions, but also lawsuits involving numerous, multi-country jurisdictions and the associated expense. Companies are turning increasingly to ADR solutions, a trend which is expected to continue into the future.

The above are just five examples of what’s hot. What’s hot in your practice area?

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