Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coaching Mistake to Avoid

Hiring several different coaches for interested lawyers in any one, single firm may not be a good idea. In my professional experience, many firms that have had or use multiple external coaches end up with a time management and support process problem for their internal mkt/bus dev staff which can cause great inconsistencies, extra work and dilute results. Much of what constitutes effective and efficient new business development turns on organized, focused and efficient internal and external approach, method, systems, processes and procedures. External (and internal) coaches vary dramatically in what they offer - some deliver mainly basic motivation and "fluff", while others deliver a more comprehensive, organized and measureable system and pipeline for the long term. Certainly, various approaches abound, but in my professional opinion, it is critical for every firm to use all resources wisely to fuel maximum growth in the immediate and long term.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Get New Business in the Door

With WIP (work in process) down anywhere from approximately 10% to 30% in most law firms since last year, now is the time to ensure that all partners are doing everything possible to fuel RIP (relationships in process). Too many lawyers who have hundreds of mainly social relationships are not sure how to convert them into business relationships; do not make every appropriate effort to expand and solidify existing relationships; and/or do not have an efficient method, routine, process or system for doing so. The knowledge, skill and art of client development are not just challenges for new partners. Seasoned experienced partners also get great benefits from attending and participating in a proven business development training and coaching program that focuses on tailored system and process of generating a consistent pipeline of new business.

As many firms re-direct their marketing investments toward emphasizing the one-to-one "sales" process, they are also restructuring and re-focusing their in-house marketing/business development departments to best support these efforts. However, it may no longer be enough to rely solely on internal marketing support. The best internal marketers understand their own limits, but not all external business development trainers, coaches, consultants are equally qualified to help. Some get better, more substantive results than others. That's why "Mastering the 'Sales' Process for Lawyers©" is the program of choice to offer proven outside assistance that augments marketing's contribution to the bottom line. For example, recently, one AmLaw 100 firm sent out a detailed, written RFP to over 15 possible business development trainers/coaches for a group of partners interested in becoming better rainmakers. The firm used an intensive, blind review and selection process to compare trainer/coaches on the basis of experience, credibility, approach, deliverables, features, reporting, benefits, fit, fees, past results and references and then narrowed it down to three finalists. After more due diligence analysis of the finalists, the firm selected our training and coaching program entitled "Mastering the 'Sales' Process for Lawyers©." This program was launched recently, earning excellent evaluations and measurable early results with more to come. To see references, please visit: What Clients Say About Us.