Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coaching Mistake to Avoid

Hiring several different coaches for interested lawyers in any one, single firm may not be a good idea. In my professional experience, many firms that have had or use multiple external coaches end up with a time management and support process problem for their internal mkt/bus dev staff which can cause great inconsistencies, extra work and dilute results. Much of what constitutes effective and efficient new business development turns on organized, focused and efficient internal and external approach, method, systems, processes and procedures. External (and internal) coaches vary dramatically in what they offer - some deliver mainly basic motivation and "fluff", while others deliver a more comprehensive, organized and measureable system and pipeline for the long term. Certainly, various approaches abound, but in my professional opinion, it is critical for every firm to use all resources wisely to fuel maximum growth in the immediate and long term.

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