Thursday, August 8, 2013

Law Firms - Need More New Business?

If you and/or your law firm want to get more new business and/or provide lawyers with proven, easy-to-use resources that will upgrade sales/business development skills and ability to bring in new work, consider:
  1. Rainmaker Coaching - For individual lawyers and/or groups of lawyers, beyond simply talking about what needs to be done, but helping get it done. These highly recommended coaching services can be provided separately from or in conjunction with:
  2. Rainmaker Coach Custom Training Modules - On-line, tailored- for-your-firm, and CLE-compliant business/client development training programs. Using our proprietary, secure, on-line Training Center, we work with you to create customized training modules that are video-taped on-line and then used to start or upgrade your firm's own on-line library and/or mobile offerings. When housed on your firm's intranet or converted into podcasts, they provide training/professional development programs covering key business and client development subjects that can be re-viewed and re-used for years! To see a list of popular business and client development training modules, click here. To see what law firms and lawyers say about our training and coaching programs, click here.
  3. Consider registering for one of our upcoming, highly rated, Live Webinars or purchase a Webinar on Demand.
  4. For all lawyers and marketing staff, consider buying the highly-rated, award nominated Rainmaker Coach app for iPhones® and iPads® .
For more information, please contact: Julie Savarino, E, T (734) 668-7008

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