Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Webinar - Key "Sales" Tools All Lawyers Need in Their Toolkits to Develop New Business in 2014

Tuesday, December 17 from 12-2 pm Eastern Time

The market for outside legal services is projected to remain highly competitive for law firms and lawyers in 2014. So, given high billable hour demands, the time and investments lawyers and law firms devote to new business development need to yield a strong ROI (return on investment). Speaking, writing, attending conferences/seminars/events and standard pitch books are no longer enough. To ensure a strong ROI from your current and upcoming new business development efforts, register for this webinar to learn the top, proven 'sales' steps for lawyers and the key 'sales' tools every lawyer needs to have, upgrade or add as part of his or her 'sales' toolkit to efficiently and ethically develop new business in 2014 and beyond. Join Julie Savarino of Business Development Inc. on this webinar to: review an actual, proven and common 'sales' pipeline used by leading lawyers and the key 'tools' associated with each step in the pipeline; learn some of the best ways to identify targets, potential clients and influencers; gain efficient ways and means of preparing for each opportunity; focus on key communications that work best; learn how to set up a personal follow-up system to help ensure results, and increase knowledge of other effective client development and 'sales' tools every lawyer needs at-the-ready to bring in measureable new work in 2014. To register now using PayPal, please click here

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This webinar will not be available for viewing after the fact, except to those who have registered prior to the start of the webinar.

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