Thursday, November 13, 2014

How Business Developers/Marketers Can Add Value to the Collections Process

In my 25 years’ experience working with law firms, only a handful of in-house law firm marketers/business developers get involved in their firm’s collection process, by providing training and coaching on how to have effective collection meetings and/or how to create a collections process that generates new business and/or leads.

For any of you who may be interested in this… yesterday, I presented a free, highly-rated and publicly available webinar for Michael White of ProfessionalCRM on the subject of How to Turn Collection Season Into a New Business Opportunity – here is the link:

In this current, highly competitive market for outside legal services, CMOs/CBDOs may want to consider creating a program/resources to support the collection process and certain in-house marketers may want to think about getting involved in helping lawyers prepare for and conduct collection meetings that generate new business and/or the opportunity for new business next year – which is a great way to drive measurable revenue in the door.  Depending upon in-house marketers' available time, bandwidth, capability, and other factors, this can be done in-house or with outside assistance. For those of you who may want to get involved to add additional, measurable $$ to your firm's bottom line, this this webinar includes many tips on how-to.
I hope you find this free webinar helpful and useful – Julie Savarino

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