Monday, January 16, 2017

Top 5 New Business Development Tactics for Lawyers in 2017©


1.      From your firm’s time and billing system, request your client list by total, cumulative number of billable hours by year for last three years (preferable in Excel or Word so you can take notes or edit as desired).
2.     Carve out time to review and analyze the list.
3.     Think about your clients overall and individually and ask yourself such questions as:
a.     Which clients have I not been in touch with recently? Consider contacting them to wish them a New Year and ask what’s new, what’s planned for 2017, etc.
b.     Which clients did I/we not do any work for in 2016? If you have not been in touch with them recently, do so.
c.      Which clients came to you from a referral (from outside your firm or within)? Have you touched base with that referral source to thank them, ask what’s new, and have a discussion about what you can refer to them (as appropriate).
4.      Review your potential client list (if you have one). Check LinkedIn to see whom you or your connections know. Request the same from the person who manages your in-house marketing CRM system. If you have not requested a conflict report (or have not done so in the last three months, request one). If you do not have a potential/target/desired client list, create one.
5.      If you do not use a great rainmaker coach, consider hiring one. Or, ask your in-house marketing/business development staff members to schedule a half-hour, proactive coaching meeting either weekly, monthly, or quarterly with you as desired. 

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