Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Great session on “Practice What You Preach” today at #LMA17 #LMAMKT #Adam Severson!

Great session on “Practice What You Preach” today at #LMA17 #Adam Severson! IMPO, some fundamentals need to be in place before lawyers and non-lawyers can effectively “sell.” So, do we as law firm marketers/business developers practice what we preach by demonstrating these important fundamentals? Here are a few:

1.  At all times, treat all people with courtesy and respect — in person, on the telephone, in writing, and online.
2.  Be aware of and avoid conscious and unconscious bias.
3.  Avoid being distracted, rude, dismissive, etc.
4.  Listen attentively and respectfully.
5.  Embrace learning.
6.  Speak professionally.
7.  Exhibit self-control, tact, and diplomacy.
8.  Demonstrate integrity and trustworthiness.
9.  Arrive on time and work to stay on schedule.
10.Respond promptly.
11.Pay attention to detail in all you do.
12.Keep your commitments; keep all information confidential.
13.Be conscientious and take responsibility.

Work to become aware of and improve areas of weakness in the above because we all — lawyers and law firm marketers/business developers alike — represent the firm at all times. And one never knows from whom the next piece of business will come!

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