Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our new Rainmaker Coach™ App is now available in the iTunes® App Store for iPads® and iPhones®!

Click here to download.
To help answer questions you may have about the Rainmaker Coach™ App, below is a Q&A with one of the first users:Q – What made you purchase the Rainmaker Coach™ app?
A – I bought this app because I work in my office less and less these days and need resources that are instantly available wherever I am. Also, I spend a lot of non-billable time planning and implementing a range of business development activities; I want and need to watch my budget; and I want to systematize my efforts as much as is possible so that I can get the best outcomes and most amount of new work. I watched the videos about the Rainmaker Coach™ app and thought it would be useful for me, so I bought it. Now, for example, when visiting clients, prospective clients and referral sources I use the Rainmaker Coach™ app to help me be better prepared for those meetings and also to follow-up more effectively – especially after pitch meetings. This app allows me to take notes and send to-do reminders immediately, so that I never forget or put off follow-up. I also attend several conferences each year and this app helps me make the most from my time and investment. Plus, if/when I need immediate expert coaching, I can get that on this app.Q – What do you think of the Rainmaker Coach™ app?
A – So far, I think it’s great and I am not the only one. There are several other, positive reviews on the iTunes® App store and also on the Rainmaker Coach™ app webpage.  I like the ongoing improvement plans for this App, including adding several other features and upgrades to the iTunes® version and for launching a Droid® version.Q – Who should purchase the Rainmaker Coach™ app?
A – I recommend the Rainmaker Coach™ app for any lawyer in any size firm who wants to develop business! This app will help many lawyers with their marketing and career needs: developing new clients; getting more business from existing clients; getting better results from their current client development efforts; building the business development skills to make partner at their firm; wanting to improve their client development skills; and winning more pitches and RFPs, just to name a few. Also, law firm staff members who support lawyers’ client and business development efforts and activities would benefit from buying the Rainmaker Coach™ app because it will help them provide expert business development tips and assistance to the lawyers with whom they work.To get more information, to download the Rainmaker Coach app and/or to view the "how to use" videos, please visit this link. If your firm is thinking about creating an app, our development team can help; please email You may also want to read this article (which appeared in the March 2013 edition of the ABA Journal).

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